• Dũng Bùi

    Dũng Bùi

  • Nievgeny


  • EZE, Gabriel

    EZE, Gabriel

    #Designer. (Graphic+Art+UI+UX). AI4Good. Techie. Entrepreneur. Prepare to fall in ❤

  • Thomas Huhn

    Thomas Huhn

    No leaders, no rulers, in code we trust.

  • chennai gana pasanga

    chennai gana pasanga

  • Lucas Bruce

    Lucas Bruce

    Software Developer | Techpreneur | Evangelist

  • Stephen W. Fusi

    Stephen W. Fusi

    Founder @dreambigsnacks. Husband. Father. Seeking good energy. I respect those who respect me.

  • Lucas Bento

    Lucas Bento

    Software Developer at NonDutch — building amazing apps with #react, #reactnative, #relay, #webpack, #graphql & #koa

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