The withdrawal phase is progressing very slowly. At this rate, it is unlikely we will reach the minimum total Dilithium supply required to kickstart the auction in a short time.

Present State

We have found that most Dilithium holders who have benefited from our generous referral system and free miners are unable or unwilling to pay the withdrawal fee due to factors such as:

  • Withdrawal fees considered to be high.
  • Inability to pay any fee regardless of amount.
  • Doubt or low trust in the project.
  • Lack of understanding of the nature of the distribution mechanism.
  • Lack of understanding of the project and…

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to withdrawal Dilithiums from the Cloud Miner platform to Ethereum accounts and wallets.

In the last 2 months, over 45,000 miners have collective mined over 100,000,000 (one hundred million) Dilithium. Currently, these Dilithiums exist only on the Cloud Miner platform — It is time to convert them to ERC20 tokens and transferred to user wallets.

Users and miners registered on the cloud miner can request a withdrawal of their Dilithium balance to an account of their choice by using the new withdrawal feature on their dashboard.

Why is an Early Withdrawal Important?

  • Only Dilithiums transferred from…

We have relaunched the Ellcrys project as MakeOS.

We are continuing the mission to create a free place for developers to build community-driven, user-first software products and services. A code collaboration protocol that allows developers to host, share and contribute code without a middleman between them. But we will no longer continue under the Ellcrys brand.

The Ellcrys project failed due to a lack of funding to continue building after we lost our ability to extend our runway due to losses incurred during the last crypto market crash.

In this article, I will describe the difference between the MakeOS project…

When I was thinking of a name for a place where makers from all over the world could congregate, share and collaborate freely, I could only think of one word — Ellcrys. A term I learned from watching the movie series Shannara Chronicles. Ellcrys was a mystical tree that kept out demons that used to disturb and dominate the elven population. The tree became their (the elves) their source of strength and protection. I thought that open source collaborators and end-users of their products could use an Ellcrys against the big corporations competing to control our data, right to have…

In our relaunch post, we mention a novel way to mine the native tokens of the MakeOS network. In this article, we will describe the mining scheme in more detail.

Dilithium mining is the process of generating Dilithium through the MakeOS cloud mining platform.

Dilithium is the energy or gas token of the MakeOS network used to create the staking and governance token called Latinum, the governance coin of the MakeOS network. Dilithium has several other use cases on the network. Checkout the Dilithium page of the doc for more information.

Cloud Mining Platform

We have created a cloud mining engine that allows…

Photo by Marco Mons on Unsplash

I have been asked what I’ve been doing for over a year 😅 and the state of the Ellcrys project. Well, I was trying to save the Ellcrys project. We stopped operating when we exhausted our runway and I was unable to raise new funding.

You see Ellcrys was a project that was on a mission to create a decentralised code hosting and sharing platform built on distributed ledger technology. Our mission was to build a network protocol that would help developers avoid censorship, de-platforming, lock-in and give them ownership of their data in ways not possible on existing platforms…

After thorough consideration of the impact of the last Airdrop, we have decided to cancel the next Airdrop event which was planned to begin on the 7th of October.

Here are our reasons for our decision:

Lots of Fake Participants

In the last Airdrop, we noticed a high number of fake participants who participated and met all requirements but did so using bots and stolen accounts. Due to the low entry barrier, it was easy for everyone (real people and bots) to participate and tasking for our team to vet and correctly eliminate fake participants.

Participants’ Low Interest in The Project

We have seen that new community members who joined…

Last month, we announced our plan to conduct a Pre-IEO that was expected to help our project prepare for an IEO where we expect to distribute more tokens to a wider population and in turn, we would be able to increase our community size and also attract the funding required to achieve our next milestones. However, we were unable to reach our soft-cap which ultimately means that we cannot finalize pending contracts with IEO launchpads. However, we are fully into the stage where tokens are to be distributed to the thousands of people who own tokens on their dashboards.

The Airdrop


We are pleased to announce the release of the first alpha version of the Ellcrys project. Accompanying this release is an alphanet (a test network) composed of nodes running an alpha version of the Elld client.

This release, codenamed Inception, marks the beginning of a series of client releases designed to introduce and test features and concepts that together will deliver the Ellcrys vision; These include a cryptocurrency for unrestricted financial transactions, decentralized git hosting for uncensored collaboration, decentralized organization tools for creating self-sovereign, community-driven organizations and multi-language autonomous functions for building blockchain applications.

The Client (Elld)

Elld (Ellcrys Daemon) is the official…

The past few months have been quite amazing for us at Ellcrys. Building a protocol such as ours requires a lot of research, engineering and strategy. We are have been actively doing all of these things and happy to announce that we have a much clearer plan and pathway to the release of a complete, fully featured network client that provides a decentralized environment for open and transparent collaboration between millions of people across the world.

1. Changes

This section discusses the concepts and features that have been adopted, updated or discontinued.

Along the way, we have had to reconsider earlier assumptions…

Kennedy Idialu

Software Engineer

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